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Carnet / DescriptionsChinese (Simplified)

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Carnet / DescriptionsChinese (Simplified)

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Carnet is a powerful note taking app which purpose is not only to write your
shopping list but can also be used to write longer texts, stories, etc.

Carnet is Open Source, Carnet doesn't track you, Carnet doesn't contain any ads, Carnet is free. We count on donations :)

Carnet is available on Android and Linux, also on your web browser with full compatibility with Windows,
Mac and Linux, with sync capabilities (not mandatory)


* Complete editor : bold/italic/underline/color/highlight
* Import from Google Keep (only on desktop, then sync on mobile)
* Insert images / review
* Open HTML format
* Organize with folders and choose root storage folder depending on your needs
* Keywords
* Quickly see your recent notes
* Search amount your notes
* Protect the app with a pin code (won't encrypt notes) on android
* Statistics : words/sentences/characters
* Sync with NextCloud
* Record audio
* Online editor as a NextCloud App
* Dark theme
* Change note background color
* TodoLists
* Reminders

'''To come'''

* Perf improvements
* Lighter version for linux without Electron
* Windows / Mac OS electron app
* Many things I don't think about right now
Carnet 是一个功能强大的笔记应用程序,它不仅可以用来写你的购物清单,还可以用来写更长的文字、故事等。

Carnet 是开源的,Carnet 不跟踪你,Carnet 不包含任何广告,Carnet 是免费的。我们依靠捐款:)

Carnet 可以在 Android 和 Linux 上使用,也可以在您的 web 浏览器上使用,完全兼容Windows、Mac 和 Linux,具有同步功能(非强制)


* 完整的编辑器:粗体/斜体/下划线/颜色/高亮
* 导入 Google Keep(仅限桌面,然后在手机上同步)
* 插入 图片 / 审查
* 开放 HTML 格式
* 使用文件夹进行组织,并根据需要选择根存储文件夹
* 关键词
* 快速查看你最近的笔记
* 搜索你的笔记数量
* 在 Android 上用 pin 码保护应用程序(不会加密笔记)
* 统计:words/sentences/characters
* 使用 NextCloud 同步
* 录制音频
* 安装在 NextCloud 应用程序中的在线编辑器
* 暗色主题
* 更改便签背景颜色
* 待办事项列表


* 提升性能
* 不带 Electron 的 轻量 linux 版本
* Windows / Mac OS electron 应用程序
* 很多我现在没想到的事情
a year ago
bug fix
move notes
multiple selection
a year ago
Powerful note taking app with sync and online editor
a year ago
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